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Hi! I'm Kristina Dutton,

an illustrator and graphic designer based in Montreal, Canada.

The following is a snapshot of my professional and academic work. For further information feel free to contact me! 

Graphic designer for books and games at Dash into Learning

My roles and responsibilities at Dash into Learning include brainstorming and developing educational games, activities, and workbooks to accompany their early ready program, creating the design and layout for these activities using Adobe Indesign, developing packaging and patterns in line with the brand using Adobe Illustrator, and creating new illustrations for the activities based on the style of the characters created by Amelia Murdock.


I also created targeted advertising campaigns for social media platforms, along with both print-ready and digital promotional flyers crafted specifically for email marketing campaigns. These projects not only showcase my ability to create visually compelling and strategically focused content, but also highlight my skill in utilizing analytics to track campaign performance and optimize for better outcomes. My approach has consistently driven increased engagement and significantly boosted brand visibility, demonstrating measurable success through key performance indicators.


Web and platform design for EFEMBE online courses

At Art Efembe, I created informative and effective visual content for advertising, built their online shop through Shopify, and regularly provided pedagogical support in the development of their website and online learning platform using Clickfunnels, Active Campaign, and Elementor.


Social media content creation for EFEMBE online courses

I also created visual content to be used on their social media and as advertisement using Adobe Photoshop.


Social Media Content Creation for What's On Kyiv

While living in Kyiv, Ukraine from 2018-2020, I was the social media content creator for What's on Kyiv, an english language arts and culture magazine. My role involved creating dynamic and appealing visuals consistent with the company brand. 

Social Media Content Creation

Magazine Layout for What's On Kyiv

I also designed engaging magazine layouts enhancing visual storytelling and reader experience, utilizing advanced Adobe InDesign skills for print and Figma for collaborative digital component design


Project Briefs and Pitches

Through the completion of my master’s degree in Art and Design at the University of Hertfordshire. I gained experience creating consistent project briefs and pitch decks using Canva.


Logos, lettering and layout

I also specialize in illustrated logo design, particularly in the publishing industry.


As well as book cover design, typesetting and layout.


The Children's Book Illustrations and Typesetting

My children's book illustration work demonstrates my keen eye for composition, consistent colour palettes, and attention to detail. Here is a sample of recent and upcoming projects. 

My Crowning Glory - release date July 2021

The Escape Artist - release date January 2022


Fluffy the Hairless Cat and the Midnight Mouse Mission - currently on the market


Not an Artist - Personal project in progress

portfolio skills.jpg

I'd love to work together! 

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